Wolvenfang Quartermaster Services

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Wolvenfang Quartermaster Services

Post by Seamus MacNeacail on Wed Mar 22 2017, 18:36

Phineas Farquhar of Farquhar’s Emporium at your service.

I (Jeremie: Phineas Farquhar) am the Quatermaster for Wolvenfang and by extension the vendor of Golden Vale magical goods. These magical items are currently Trinkets (cost of 2 gold pieces) and Talismans (cost of 10 gold pieces). Prices and items are subject to change and last a full GV term (6 months); the next GV term begins March 11th. The coins themselves are good from one term to the next.

The current Trinkets and Talismans once purchased from me with GV coins (gathered from quests or events) are good anywhere in the Empire or Kingdom; just be sure to let game organiser or quest master know ahead of time that they are GV Coin items and there should be no issues.

If you want to redeem these coins please let me know ahead of time so I can be sure to have the appropriate items with me on hand.

Current Items in-stock are (all found in the Amtgard Rules of Play Book pg 21)

Trinkets (cost 2 gold pieces): are lesser Magical Items that are 1 use only

Potion of Barkskin
Potion of Refreshment
Potion of Healing
Potion of True Death
Scroll of Adaptive Blessing
Scroll of Ambulant
Scroll of Blessing Against Wounds
Scroll of Extension
Scroll of Harden
Scroll of Mend

Talismans (cost 10 gold pieces): are Magical Items with per game uses

Amulet of Force
Amulet of Teleport
Amulet of Tracking
Amulet of Shadows
Bracelet of Anti-Magic
Bracelet of Solidity
Bracelet of Stoneskin
Wand of Healing
Wand of Mending
Wand of Release

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Re: Wolvenfang Quartermaster Services

Post by Seamus MacNeacail on Wed Mar 22 2017, 18:38


Those observant few who are familiar with the town of Wolvenfang notice a new shop setting up in the town.
Tucked between two larger buildings, this small wooden structure used to be smithy and stables. The building remains largely unchanged on the outside, the windows blocked off by paper and paint to prevent inquisitive glances inside.
Only the wooden painted sign [FARQUHAR’S EMPORIUM] hanging loosely above the entrance and a paper note nailed low on the door give any indication to its purpose.

Greeting citizens of Wolvenfang.

My name is Phineas Farquhar and I am the proprietor of this fine establishment of curios and exotic goods.
I am making repairs to this sturdy edifice and will be opening my doors after your local festival of Frostbite. I do so look forward to meeting you all and enjoying the festivities here.

Phineas Farquhar

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