Current Government and Board of Directors

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Current Government and Board of Directors

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 27 2017, 21:05

Wolvenfang Government and Board of Directors, as of February 4, 2017

Provincial (Local/Wolvenfang) Government
• Monarch (Duke): Iron First - Ryan Frank
• Regent: Finola - Stephanie Crossman
• Chancellor: Bonnie Ellerou - Renee Hudson
• Guildmaster of Reeves (GMR): Vacant
• Champion: Seamus - Jeremie Charron

Provincial Board of Directors
• Elected Seat: Renee Hudson
• Elected Seat: Christie Kivisto
• Elected Seat: Kat Burk
• Public Relations Seat: Kat Burk
• Monarch/Alternate Seat: Ryan Frank
• Chancellor/Alternate Seat: Renee Hudson

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