Phineas Farquhar Quests

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Phineas Farquhar Quests

Post by Seamus MacNeacail on Wed Mar 22 2017, 16:31

These quests are a project by me to help newer players get into RP and questing and will have varied mechanics to them as well as themes to help budding adventurers get a feel for various aspects of this part of Amtgard.

Part 1 (Saturday, Feb 18th)

A bright yellow falling star was seen falling over the Empire and break apart of the outskirts of Wolvenfang.
Phineas has put up work “Help Wanted” signs to hire adventurers to seek some of the fallen stones for use in his projects.
Are you looking for work or interested in adventure?

Part 2 (Saturday, March 18th)

His warehouse is in shambles as his new security golem runs amok and wont respond to his commands.
He can’t even get to his own goods.
What is Phineas to do?

Part 3

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